Crystal Technology

Crystal Technology. The future of HealthPlus, here and now.

Combining the power of technology with wisdom of experience to produce greater results, Crystal Technology is a dynamic interactive system. It allows financial and human resource professionals to identify potential problems and solutions (whether they be financial, benefit or employee related) and adjust the strategies to minimize costs and deliver meaningful employee benefits.

Like a high tech flight simulator for Financial and Human Resource professionals, Crystal Technology permits one to actualize strategies in advance, identify potential problems and solutions (whether they be financial, benefit or employee related) and thus develop, monitor and adjust methodologies to consistently minimize costs while delivering appropriately responsive and meaningful employee benefits.

Eliminates disruption.

By going far beyond the customary consulting approach of forecasts and static models, Crystal enables clients to think better by knowing what is coming. As a client that recently used Crystal Technology put it, "Our plans are expensive and important. Knowing where the potholes are well in advance permits us to reroute or have them filled long before we get there. Crystal is a remarkable development that will avoid accidents thus saving our company time, money, and aggravation."

Monitors standing relative to competitive standards.

The systems' HRPS (Human Resources Positioning System) functionality provides a means for ongoing reporting and comparative analysis. This helps business people balance the financial and human resource issues with an understanding of the long-term implications.

Increases employee satisfaction.

By helping employers develop the optimum balance between plan benefits and costs, both in the near and long term, Crystal Technology becomes a tool for employee satisfaction. The unique employee satisfaction analysis and guidance functions enable employers to maximize those benefits that are important to their work force while maintaining a prudent and sustainable cost structure. This enables employee contributions to be set at the lowest possible levels, which in turn enhances the recruiting process as well as employee retention.

With Crystal Technology, CohnReznick Benefits Consultants effectively combines the power of technology with information, experience and expertise to produce superior knowledge and greater results.

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